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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you travel to my wedding location to get me ready for my wedding day?

Of course we travel out to you for your speical day. We travel all throughout VIC. There is a minimum service requirement and travel fees apply.

Do you offer trials?

Absoutley! We offer our trials from our studio located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

What is your minimum service requirement for travel?

A minimum of 4 people or 4 services is required.

Do you offer airbrushing?

No, I no longer offer airbrushing. If it is long lasting makeup you are after, hire the right makeup artist who has the skills to prep skin in a way in which longevity is no issue.

Can i do multipule makeup looks/hairstyles in our trials?

One makeup look and or one hairstyle per trial, Often different looks and hairstyles can need different preperation techniques therefore doing multiple styles and looks will not pay off with the same effect.

Which payment methods does Hannah Hocking Hair & Makeup accept?

You are welcome to pay via eftpos or cash on the day of your appointment.

When should I wash my hair before my appointment?

Either the day/night before, or whatever you know works best with your hair. Dirty hair is never good for hairstyling. If you have dirty hair, you will be required to wash it before hair styling.

Should I wear a certain colour to my trial?

Yes, Preferably white or similar colour to your wedding dress.

Do I need to feed you at my wedding day?

Yes please, 8-10 hours without a break can be very exhasuting so a snack and drink will never go astray.

Can I bring a friend or bridesmaid to my appointment/trial?

As much as i loved meeting all your friends and family, please dont bring them to your appointments or trials.

How do I know my makeup or hairstyle will last?

Hannah always takes the time in an appointment to discuss with her client about their skin/hair type to ensure the correct skin care/ products are used to ensure longevity. Very high quailty products are also used.

How long should I expect to hear back from you?

We endevour to get back to you as soon as possible. Please give us 48-72 hours for a response.

How long does a makeup application take?

1 hour per person.

How long does hairstyling take?

Hairstyling time frames can differ, between 45mins-1.5 hours per person.

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